VViViD materials are designed to perform for DIY'ers and Pros alike, all while maintaining professional grade manufacturing standards.

Our wraps are easy to use, safe for your paint, and continually improved every batch. Our products are used by millions of customers and have been featured in world-class car shows and events. 30+ years of manufacturing experience and 10+ years of vinyl wrapping set us apart in terms of quality, innovation and value.

Epoxy Carbon Fiber is our interior exclusive Carbon Fiber Vinyl. With a super wet high gloss finish and an expected lifespan of 10 years, your interior will get that much needed facelift it deserves. Application does not end with just the interior of your automotive, you can use the Epoxy Carbon Fiber in your home as well to give the sleek badass look in areas such as your living room, bedroom and with the most potential, your garage! With a wide selection of colors for Epoxy you can mix and match to whatever theme you want for your interior!

VViViD Epoxy Gloss Carbon is produced using the most realistic carbon weave available. The film is laminated using a “thermoform able” floating lamination. Basically, it’s a protective gloss layer that can be formed to complex shapes using heat. VViViD Epoxy Gloss (interior) should not be compared with VViViD Tek R (exterior). The visual aesthetic and effect are completely different. The scratch resistance of the Epoxy Gloss Carbon is extremely high when comparing it to it’s Exterior version.

Note that all exterior wraps are also suitable for interior use as well.

VViViD also has Designer Carbon Fibers such as our featured VViViD+ Designer Carbon Fiber "Triangles", as well as our different variants of the Forged Carbon Fiber, from the Black, Ghost Metal Dark Grey and Military Green.

This new Carbon Designer series explores the interesting variations of the carbon fibers seen on the automotive market. Expect to see lots more from this series in the near future!